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Feelin' Good Productions - Tano Ro - Milano, Italy

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If you ended up on my website because you were searching the web for information about my father Vance "Guitar" Kelly, please refer to the following websites:

You'll most likely find what you were looking for on one of these sites.

Bluesly Yours,
Vivian Vance Kelly


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Dear fans, friends, fellow musicians, blues lover and visitor,

I'd like to thank each one of you who enriched my website by leaving a nice, sweet, cool or encouraging entry in my guestbook! I really appreciate all the comments and feedback.

Unfortunately, in the past few weeks my guestbook got swamped on a daily base with spam entries leaving me with quite some work deleting all these annoying messages.

As I prefer using my time focusing on my new CD and building up a band rather than waisting it with cleaning the mess thes spammers are leaving on my website, I've decided to temporarely close down my guestbook. The guestbook will still be online for viewing, however there will be no possibility to add new entries for some time.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to some of you, but I'm confident you can understand and support this decision. After all, time spent on my music is certainly more productive than time waisted on spammers.

Bluesly Yours,
Vivian Vance Kelly


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