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Feelin' Good Productions - Tano Ro - Milano, Italy

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If you ended up on my website because you were searching the web for information about my father Vance "Guitar" Kelly, please refer to the following websites:

You'll most likely find what you were looking for on one of these sites.

Bluesly Yours,
Vivian Vance Kelly


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Dear friends, familiy, fans, visitors, etc.

There will be maintenance work performed on my website over the next few weeks. This will include editorial and structural changes as well as a design overhaul. The website might temporarely not be available at times due to this.

I apologize for the inconvienience this might cause and thank you for your comprehension.

Bluesly Yours,
Vivian Vance Kelly

For quite some time now, Thursdays have become very important for me; that's the day of the week when I'm heading to the studio.

{joomplu:33}As you might already know, I'm currently working on my second CD and I'm very excited about it. Not only because I'm confident with the original songs I"ve been writing, but also because of the incredible talented musician and friend I have the pleasure and honor to work with. I feel really blessed having him "on board"; it's an absolutely joy'n thrill to work with him.
My husband is currently working on his website and once it is finished I'll be posting more info about this friend so you can learn more about him.

Meanwhile, please don't forget to check back regularly for more news and updates.

Bluesly Yours,
Vivian Vance Kelly

The picture gallery has been extended with some photos which were used to create some creative, artistice pictures.

Hope yall enjoy it...

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I gotta confess; I had da Blues last night! Cool
...along with all the incredible talents who came out and shared their music and musicianship with us!!!

Thanks again to everybody - musicians and/or listeners - who came out and honored us with their presence.

Hi everybody!

As mentioned earlier, my website is still being worked on and I'm very happy to announce that the promised picture gallery has now been added and can be viewed here.


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