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Feelin' Good Productions - Tano Ro - Milano, Italy

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If you ended up on my website because you were searching the web for information about my father Vance "Guitar" Kelly, please refer to the following websites:

You'll most likely find what you were looking for on one of these sites.

Bluesly Yours,
Vivian Vance Kelly


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standalone player

Thanks to everyone who came out to Frankie's Blue Room last Saturday 04/17 to see my performance! Also, thanks to Rhonda who made this wonderful evening possible by booking us at her venue.

It was good to see all the familiar and new faces and it was even better to see that everybody was enjoying themselfes dancing, laughing, listening, singing along and whatever else you might have been doing. I had a great time and I'm very thankful having had the opportunity to perform for such a wonderful crowd and keeping them entertained 'till the very end of the evening.

I'd be delighted to see all of you again on 05/15 at the Blues Bar in Mount Prospect (see concert schedule). Until then, please keep coming back to my website to watch for updates and new pictures.

Bluesly Yours,
Vivian Vance Kelly


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